} 03:08 minutes

Welcome to the world of hair extensions! In this series of videos, we will share our expertise to guide you into becoming a master at applying hair extensions.

How to apply tape extensions

} 59:30 minutes

This is a must-watch video. Step-by-step we guide you through the tape extension application process. We have poured our years of experience into making this video to help you succeed. Tape extensions are ideal for adding length, highlights and more. Mastering this crucial skill will aid you in growing your business.

Tape Removal

} 49:52 minutes

Watch this video to learn the skill of tape removal. Learn how to loosen the hair extension tape with adhesive remover. Performing this skill well will help you stand out as an expert in the hair and beauty business. You will love becoming a skilled practitioner.

Hair Extension Sectioning

} 04:26 minutes

This video will guide you through sectioning. Skillful sectioning will ensure a successful result for your client.

After Care

} 06:09 minutes

This bonus video gives tips on how to care for your hair extensions. You will gain ideas regarding hair extension care and how to prolong the life of your extensions. The video will explain how to wash, condition, and brush your extensions. Learn how to care for your extensions every day.

I tip- Micro Ring

} 31:02 minutes

Watch this video to learn the technique in easy-to-follow steps. You will learn everything you need to know in detail. All tools are described well so you can understand the process easily. An I tip-micro ring is a way of attaching hair extensions with a fixture instead of heat or glue.

Nano Bead

} 08:13 minutes

This video clearly explains the technique. These silicon-lined nano beads protect your client’s hair and nano bead extensions are perfect for long-term use.

Nail tip using hot tip applicator

} 41:40 minutes

Watch this video to learn how to apply bonded hair and nail tips. This technique is traditional with a single strand pre-bonded extension. Just follow the step-by-step guide.

Ultrasonic Machine

} 26:16 minutes

This video explains an amazing technique. Using cold-fusion technology, the ultrasonic machine softens the keratin bond with ultrasound waves. It is completely safe. You can use our keratin rolls again, so the skill so useful to know. Highly recommended!

Beaded Weft

} 12:44 minutes

Watch this video to learn the beaded weft technique in easy-to-follow steps. Learn how to attach the hair extension with these silicone-lined beads. Beaded wefts are light, discreet, and long lasting. This skill will help you to become an expert in your field.

Seamless1 Cape

} 02:02 minutes

This is a brilliant video explaining the Seamless1 cape. Watch for an easy-to understand guide on putting a cape on your client.