Top Tellers - About Us

Mission statement

The aim of Top Tellers is to link boutique retailers with premium brands from the hair and beauty industry as a basis for long-term cooperation and mutual success.

Top Tellers is the most important brand ambassador in the field of high-quality products and as such has many years of experience and knowledge to give customers and partners a firm place in the European and international market.

While the hair and beauty industry is still looking for suitable products and trends, Top Tellers works exclusively with high-quality brands and thus ensures a high level of quality and stability.

With the hair and beauty industry continuing to create, inspire and break barriers, we work with only the highest quality brands to ensure you are the most desirable stockiest in the market. We know that the best creations start with beauty professionals and hair salons.

We provide a platform for resellers to access quality brands to cater for their customers or salons. Don’t stay hidden behind the big distributors. Have your brand stand out and reach your audience.

When our brands win, you win.