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About Us

The mission of Top Tellers is to place salon owners and stylists in front of clients, spark engagement, and unlock business potential. Top Tellers is the key brand developer in the hair and beauty industry. Also, we have decades of experience in the business. Even better, we know how to give any hairdressing company a significant place in the international market.

Create, Inspire, Break Barriers

Top Tellers works with the highest quality brands, so our hairstylist business clients hold the most desirable stock on the market. Beauty professionals and hair salons can produce their best creations with Top Tellers. Even better, hairdressing professionals can join the Top Tellers Club to receive education, be inspired, access the top brands, and gain tips to grow in business.

Top Tellers brands

Top Tellers Peptame
Top Tellers Seamless1
Alice May Brand
Top Tellers Peptame